MMB Album Rating Scale

10.0 – One of the best releases of all-time
9.5-9.9 – Spectacular, best release in recent years
9.0-9.4 – Quite amazing, will probably be in the top albums of the year
8.5-8.9 – Exceptional, showed moments of greatness
8.0-8.4 – Noteworthy, something definitely worth a listen all the way through
7.5-7.9 – Very good, a great effort with many worthwhile tracks
7.0-7.4 – Above average, some enjoyable tracks
6.0-6.9 – Normal, nothing special about it
5.0-5.9 – Mediocre, not good, but not terrible
4.0-4.9 – Below average, many tracks were not enjoyable
3.0-3.9 – Not good, have heard worse, but still not good
2.0-2.9 – Very bad, nothing worthwhile
1.0-1.9 – Horrible, couldn’t stand to listen to it
0.0-0.9 – Doesn’t deserve to be called music

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