S. Carey – “Supermoon” E.P – Review

S. Carey – “Supermoon” E.P
S Carey Supermoon cover     MMB Rating: 8.3

After studying classical percussion and piano at the University of Wisconsin in Eau Claire, Sean Carey (S .Carey) was fortunate to join fellow Wisconsin-based musician Justin Vernon of Bon Iver on tour in support of “For Emma, Forever Ago,” not knowing what an international phenomenon Vernon would become.  While on tour, Carey developed his own songwriting ambitions releasing “All We Grow,” his first solo album in 2010.  Carey has has now released his newest E.P “Supermoon” following his sophomore album “Range Of Light” which was released in 2014.

Photo By: Cameron Wittig
Photo By: Cameron Wittig

“Supermoon” is a unique release in that, it only contains one “new” song, the title track, the rest are stripped-down and re-imagined versions of previously released S. Carey tracks (and one cover track).  Carey is quoted saying, “”The longer you spend with a song, the more you can see it in its pure form,” which was exactly the intent of this E.P., to show the tracks in their purest form.  Known for his picturesque and vivid imagery derived from nature, this E.P presents perhaps the most intimate and personal invitation into the world of S. Carey to date.  Almost exclusively consisting of Carey’s lush and whispering vocals combined with gentle, warm, and beautifully haunting piano melodies, this album further demonstrates Carey’s ability to eloquently convey emotion and his sense of awareness of the beauty of nature around him.

Video for “Neverending Fountain”

S. Carey Tour Dates:
02/18/15 San Francisco, CA – Living Room Show
02/19/15 San Francisco, CA – Living Room Show
02/20/15 Chico, CA – Living Room Show
02/21/15 Portland, OR – Living Room Show
02/22/15 Seattle, WA – Living Room Show
02/23/15 Bellingham, WA – Living Room Show
02/24/15 Victoria, BC – Living Room Show
02/25/15 Vancouver, BC – Living Room Show
02/26/15 Spokane, WA – Living Room Show
04/13/15 Madison, WI – Living Room Show
04/14/15 Milwaukee, WI – Living Room Show
04/15/15 Chicago, IL – Living Room Show
04/16/15 Grand Rapids, MI – Living Room Show
04/17/15 Hamilton, ON – Living Room Show
04/18/15 Montreal, QC – Living Room Show
04/20/15 Burlington, VT – Living Room Show
04/21/15 Cambridge, MA – Living Room Show
04/22/15 New York, NY – Living Room Show
04/23/15 Brooklyn, NY – Living Room Show
04/24/15 Philadelphia, PA – Living Room Show
04/25/15 Washington, DC – Living Room Show
04/26/15 Washington, DC – Living Room Show
04/27/15 Raleigh, NC – Living Room Show
04/28/15 Athens, GA – Living Room Show
04/29/15 Nashville, TN – Living Room Show
04/30/15 Bloomington, IN – Living Room Show

S. Carey: Website l Facebook l Twitter l Jagjaguwar


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