Hello Heart – “Heart Of Winter”

Hello heart

Hello Heart is an Owatonna, MN based indie rock/alternative band comprised of Christian Nelson, Nick Zimmerman, Christian Walz, and Gabe Hart. Although having written music together for a number of years, only recently in 2014 did the group finally come together as a whole under the name Hello Heart.

“Heart Of Winter” is the band’s first officially released track, combining simple, yet textured melodies with a confident, genuine, and expressive vocal line.  The opening of the track begins with an acoustic/folk sound bearing a striking resemblance to one of my favorite local (former) bands “The Farewell Circuit.” Blending subtle harmonies to create a tranquil and serene vibe, the track eventually builds to a more full-band sound, while retaining the “innocent” and “mellow” feel achieved in the opening.  Despite this being only the first released track, and the band being relatively new, the group is able to show a sense of maturity when it comes to their songwriting abilities.  “Heart Of Winter” is an impressively well-crafted song leaving me excited to see what else the band has to offer.

The group plans to record their debut full-length release in this April in Nashville, TN and will be touring subsequently.

Hello Heart: Bandcamp l Soundcloud l Facebook

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